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1 Year Old Female

Every once in a while a guinea pig comes into the rescue that touches everyones heart. Esther endured unimaginable abuse at the hands of her owners and was left to die at a pet store. When she arrived at a fosters home she was covered in open bloody soars. Her pain was intense and she cried with every movement. Her future looked bleak. But Esther fought and she survived. Her abuse will forever be evident by her scars but she is finally ready for her forever home. She is shy but becoming so brave. Her future family will need to understand her trauma and give her the time she needs to now recover emotionally.

Guinea Pigs: Meet the Team


Make a Difference Today

Daria's Animal Rescue believes that every animal deserves  a forever home and wants to be accessible by all to adopt their new friend. Below you can find adoption fees for our guinea pig friends. 

Unaltered Males and Females:  $75

Spayed/Neutered Males and Females: $100

Peruvian/Silkie Males and Females: $100

Skinny Pigs: $125

We proudly serve all of the Portland Metro area and even travel to Eugene and Seattle to place guinea pigs in their forever homes. Below are our delivery fees to get these beans to you. 

Within 30 minutes of rescue: Free

30 minutes to an hour and a half  away from rescue: $15

Above an hour and a half: $25

We only adopt guinea pigs to homes with other guinea pigs or in pairs to homes without guinea pigs and to homes with approved cage set ups. Please be ready to show multiple photos of your set up and any current guinea pigs. 

Happy Adopting! 

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