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ARK Pet Rescue

Changing the pet industry, one paw at a time. 


Welcome Home.

ARK Pet Rescue is an animal rescue located in Newberg, Oregon. By being modeled after a boutique pet supply store, ARK aims to give adopters an alternative to supporting the traditional pet store where adoptable pets come from animal mills and back-yard  breeders. 

While currently not a traditional Non-Profit; 100% of all of ARKs income goes directly to supporting the animals it saves. 


ARK is currently in the process of starting a non-profit with the soul focus of aiding the community in spay and neuter efforts, pulling dogs from at risk situations, and focusing on medical cases. 

Visit Us.

A family friendly environment

You won't find any sad animals here. Bring your family and enjoy an afternoon cuddling kittens and watching puppies romp and play! With designated cat room you and your family can spend hours playing with cats of all ages. 


Open 12-5pm; Wednesday through Sunday 


814 E 2nd St. Newberg, OR. 97132  

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