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Every year we get calls for help for over 300 animals. Being a small rescue, it's impossible to help everyone on our own. Animal Rescue Kingdom has multiple ways to help including daily animal care, fundraising, fostering, and different educational programs. Explore this page to learn more!

Animal Care

Right now we have a location in Newberg that is closed to the public with plans to open in the summer of 2021. However, we still have animal residents that would love to be taken care of, cuddled, and interacted with. If you are interested in becoming apart of our daily animal care team please fill out the application below! 

Border Collie
Dalmatian Dog


In our rescue we have very limited space that is reserved for animals for adoption. Where do all of  our animals go that are not ready for adoption? That's where foster families come in! Foster families are wonderful individuals that open their homes to animals who just need a little more time and care before going up for adoption. Fosters greatly increase our capacity for taking in animals in need, without them we wouldn't be able to help as many animals as we do. Want to learn more? Follow the link below! 

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