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Become a Foster Parent

Changing lives one home at time

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent to animals in need! We hope this page will be helpful in determining if you would like to foster.

Cute Kitten

What is Fostering?

By definition, being a foster parent is when an individual takes in an animal (or child) and provides for its needs (emotional and physical) even though they are not apart of their family. When you foster for Animal Rescue Kingdom, you are welcoming a temporary family member to your home with the expectation that you care for all its needs (except medical). 

Feeding Newborn Kitten


Requirements to foster cats and kittens


In order to foster kittens we ask that the foster has a spare bedroom/bathroom/office to keep unvaccinated kittens away from other animals. Young kittens catch illnesses very easily so they should be kept in low traffic areas to minimize exposure to germs. Ideally no carpeted areas so every surface can be sanitized between kittens (bathrooms are great for this purpose)!


Adult Cats

Adult cats tend to be easier if they are vaccinated, as they can roam freely in the house. If the cat is ill/needs medications, its usually best to keep them separate so resident cats do not get ill. 

Supplies Needed

For each foster we supply the first bag of food, and any wet food needed for kittens. We do ask if the foster is able to, to provide food and cat litter during the duration of the cats/kittens stay. 


All medical expenses for each foster is covered by Animal Rescue Kingdom.

Serious Kitten
Puppy in Red Cushion


Requirements for fostering dogs and puppies 


In order to foster puppies, fosters must have a safe area which is easily sanitized. In the PNW there are certain canine diseases that are very infectious and dangerous to puppies. Some of which are Parvo and Distemper. In order to protect each foster puppy, we ask that puppies only stay at the adopters home and not be taken for walks or out in public unless permission is given. A good puppy set up would include: 

- X-Pen with XL Dog crate

- Bathroom 

- Laundry room 

-Stall (if heated and protected from elements) 

Adult Dogs

Dogs tend to be easier to foster as they need just a loving home. If the foster has dogs already we do require a meet and greet to make sure that the dogs will get along before sending them off to their new home. 

Supplies Needed

- Food (1st bag supplied) 

- Puppy pads

- Dog Kennel 

General Requirements 

We do not foster out puppies to apartment complexes due to high risk of exposure to different canine diseases. Adult dogs can be fostered in apartments if we have written approval from the Landlord. 

Happy Dog
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