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Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a foster parent for homeless pets! Without foster parents we wouldn't be able to help as many pets as we do! Along with that, a shelter is NO place for a dog, puppy, cat, or kitten to thrive! By opening up your home to a homeless pet, you are giving them a second chance. 

Requirements to Foster 

As an organization we STRONGLY believe that everyone has the potential to be an amazing foster parent. When placing our pets into foster homes we look at each situation and try to match them with the best pet. This allows potential fosters from apartments to farms to play a part in rescuing a pet. 

We have a few requirements to foster listed here:

1. Foster's must be willing to advocate for their foster pet. This means including them in your life, sharing them with friends, posting on social media. 

2. Foster's must be willing to drive their foster pet to the rescue to receive care, check-ups. We do NOT have a distance requirement as long as a foster is willing to drive the Pet to the rescue. 

3. Foster's must be willing to meet with potential adopters either at the rescue or in a agreed upon location. 

What do we provide foster homes?

We understand that fostering is a HUGE commitment and we are here to support our foster families the best we can. If a family is unable to provide supplies or food for their fosters we will and can provide supplies and reimburse for any food purchased for their foster Pet as long as a receipt is provided. 

Supplies we provide: 

- Crate 

- Food

- Collar/Leash 

- Litterbox 

- Cat Litter 

What about veterinary care?

When fostering all medical costs associated with your foster pet is covered by the rescue. 

However, fosters MUST receive approval to take their foster pet to the vet or they could be responsible for the vet bill. We do this because, many common issues can be treated at the rescue under the careful observation and recommendation of our partnering vets. 

All vaccinations, dewormings, microchipping, and parasite treatments are done at the rescue. 

IMPORTANT: If your own personal pet falls ill when fostering for ARK Pet Rescue as a result of fostering, it is the fosters responsibility to care and treat their own animal. We wish we could help support your own pet but unfortunately laws are in place that prevent us from doing so. Fostering rescue pets does have some risk, and all potential adopters should be aware of that. 

How do I apply to become a foster parent?

We are so excited that you want to become a foster parent! Thank you so much for being willing to help a pet in need! Please click the links below to sign up! 

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