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Post Adoption

A New Leash on Life with your Best Friend 

Congratulations! You have adopted your new best friend at ARK Pet rescue and you have some post adoption questions! Below you will hopefully find all the info you need to get the best start to your new friendship with your pet! 



At ARK we are committed to your new pets health and safety once they go home with you. Bringing home a puppy/kitten is much like brining home a newborn baby. It is your job as their new family to keep them protected from things that can cause them harm! This is why vaccinating your new pet is SO important! 

For puppies: 

Each puppy is started on their core vaccines. We provide the first series your puppy needs with the last shot given at 4 months. When a puppy goes home they have been started on their series but most likely not finished. Please consult your adoption counselor or view your adoption paperwork to see when your pet is due for their next vaccine. We vaccinate with the Nobivac DHPP vaccine starting at 6 weeks old and giving them a booster every 2 weeks when at the rescue to provide maximum protection. When puppies are adopted the vaccine intervals move to every 4 weeks. 

For Kittens:

The majority of kittens adopted from ARK are given their first 2  vaccines before they are put up for Adoption. While infectious diseases for cats are not as prevalent in the PNW it is still very important to vaccinate your cat/kitten. Once kittens are adopted their vaccine interval gets moved to every 4 weeks. A kitten is considered fully vaccinated when they get their last shot at 4 months old . 

For adult cats and dogs:

All ADULT cats and dogs are adopted out up to date on their vaccines. If they come due for a vaccine after adoption it is up to the adopter to schedule those vaccines to be done. 

What to do if your adopted pet is due for a vaccine:

If your adopted pet is a puppy or kitten and is due for their next round of shots we cover the first initial series with the last shot given at 4 months. Come in anytime during our open hours and we will vaccinate your pet for you as it is included in the adoption fee. If your pet is an adult and due for their vaccines, it is up to the adopter to take their pet to a veterinarian for their shots. 


How do I get reimbursement?

Here at ARK Pet Rescue adopters get reimbursement for certain things like spay & neuter and the 1st month pet insurance. We reimburse all fee's once the pet has been spayed/neutered. 

IMPORTANT: We do NOT reimburse for any vet care after adoption. 

If you have your rescued Pet spayed/neutered outside our partner vet clinic we will reimburse the following amounts once proof of sterilization is provided:

- Adult Dogs: $120 

- Adult Cats: $60

Pet insurance Reimbursement: 

Each adopters pet insurance policy is different. Please submit a copy of proof of purchase for your insurance plan and we will reimburse you once the pet has been fixed. 

Ready to get reimbursement? Please email with your spay/neuter invoice and/or your proof of purchase of insurance. 

Spay and Neuter

How to get your rescued pet spayed and neutered

Here at ARK Pet Rescue we do not believe in pediatric spays and neuters of dogs and cats. Allowing baby animals to have their hormones until they are at least 6 months old, is crucial to the longevity of the pet. 

Spay and Neuter is completely covered when done at our partner clinics. However, those often have long wait times. If adopters would rather use their own vet they can and we will reimburse the adopter $120 for dogs and $60 for cats once proof of sterilization is provided. 

If adopters would like to use our partner clinic then we will schedule the pet for you. 

We currently use the following clinics: 

For Dogs - Homeward Bound Spay and Neuter Clinic, McMinnville

For Female Cats - Vista Pet Hospital in Portland 

For Male Cats - Veterinary Services of Oregon, St. Paul 

Ready to get your pet fixed? Please email:

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