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ARK Weekly Wishlist and Prayer Requests (2.4.24)

Weekly Wishlist and Prayer Requests

I know everyone is done seeing our fundraisers and requests for help, but this is the reality of running an animal rescue. We need help. The animals need help. And honestly we can't do this without you.

I strongly believe that animal rescue takes a village, and in that village everyone has a different role. Some of our roles might be working with the animals hands on, giving medications, cleaning, and being there to rescue them. Some of our roles might look like volunteering time. Some of our roles might be monetary, and providing needed supplies. Your roll might be liking and sharing our posts. Or praying for the sick and broken animals.

And guess what. Every single roll is equally important. One cannot take place with out the other. We are all a team here. We couldn't do this without the prayers, without the volunteers, without our committed staff, without the likes and shares. We just couldn't.

So when seeing these posts for donations, please never feel guilty if you can't give at the moment. It's just not the role that the Lord has for you right now and that's okay. Here are some things you can pray for this week:

- That the Lord provides the funding we need to get our new building

- That mama Scarlett delivers her puppies safely

- We have a puppy fighting for their life right now, and we pray for healing.

For those who are in a position to give as well, here is what we need this week:

- Booties, these protect our shoes when going into the vulnerable places like puppy pens. Keeping bad germs out.

- Tortoise Food, our resident tortoises are out of food

- Cat Trees, we only received 3 cat trees for our cat room re-vamp and need some more in order to start

- Rescue Wipes, these are great for sanitizing our surfaces and spreading disease

Here is the link to our wishlist:

Our cat room re-vamp list can be found here:

Thank you all for your continued support!

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