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Charlie Rose Needs HELP

Everyone meet Charlie Rose!

We first met Charlie Rose when we a staff member showed up at the rescue in the early morning and found a box of kittens outside the rescue door. When we brought the box inside there were 3 very sweet kitties in inside, including Charlie Rose.

Thankfully all the kittens were in relatively good shape. They all had little colds, but nothing that a warm home and full bellies couldn't help them heal from. When we brought Charlie Rose out of the box we were shocked to find her missing part of her leg. At first we thought she might have endured a trauma to it, but we were able to see that it was just a birth defect. She wasn't painful on it, and was very mobile, having no issues running around.

However, has Charlie Rose grew, a little sore appeared on her little nub. We were concerned at first that she might have cut it while playing, but when it didn't heal, we thought her growing had something todo with the sore, and we began suspicious of her needing an amputation.

So, we scheduled little Charlie Rose for a vet exam at our partner clinic, Guardian Veterinary care. They confirmed our suspicions and decided little Charlie needed an amputation in order to prevent any more sores from arising as she grew.

We had a sweet kitty get an amputation back in June and the vets told us the estimate would be the same for sweet Charlie. We are excited to be able to help Charlie get the care she needs. But we cannot get the surgery for her until we have the funds todo so. So we have started a fundraiser for sweet Charlie Rose! Once we raise the needed funds we will schedule Charlie for surgery! For now she is resting comfortably at the rescue. But she really needs this to be her best self!

If you are able to donate please visit this fundraising page we have set up for sweet Charlie! All funds will be used to pay for Charlie's Surgery!

Charlie says thank you!!

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