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No Dream To Small for our Big God

When I think about ARK Pet Rescue, and where we have been and where we hope to go, it brings up all sorts of feelings and emotions. Ones of great joy, and some of sadness. Feelings of greatfulness, and fear.

A lot of you know our story, and a lot of you do not. Whichever you are, I am glad you are here.

When I am having hard days, like today. I try to remember how far the Lord has brought us. And understand that he is faithful. Today we faced another rejection for a space here in Newberg, and this time, the rejection hit harder than usual. I was left feeling nauseaus, and doubtful. But I remember the saying that I have been holding on to lately. If not, he is still good. He. Is. Still. Good.

Creating and imagining ARK has been nothing short of a dream come true. There have been so many moments that were hard, and it felt like there was no way though it. But God provided a way, even when it seemed impossible. And we are conitnuing to pray and believe that He will provide for us again. But if not, HE is still GOOD.

Many of you know that I started ARK at a young age. Initially a facebook page, that just told family about the animals I had saved, fosters that I was loving on for another rescue, or what not. I was in college, with plans to be a veterinarian, but with grades that didn't neccisarily align with that dream. I was working at a pet store, and I rescued my first guinea pig. And things snowballed from there. D.A.R was born. Aka, Daria's Animal Rescue's.

I spent my days studying at George Fox, and the evenings caring for my guinea pigs. On the weekends I would drive to Seattle arranging Guinea Pig adoption events. Eventually I rented a room from the petstore I worked at, and started adopting out cats and kittens that I rescued from shelters in california or the local community. Check out this fun photo that a customer made of a replica of the space I had at the petstore. How fun is that!

Then came November of 2020 and my roommates and I were getting evicted from our rental home in Newberg. The Lord led me to this little building in Newberg. And the dreamer wheels began turning.

And then I did what my dad would say was an "Impetuous decision," and we signed a 6 month lease for the little spot in Newberg. And the journey began.

It was HARD work. But my family, and my amazing husband worked together to make the dream a reality. Look at my cute grandfather painting the building for me. This was the day before my wedding by the way.

Here we have our amazing grand opening in July of 2021, which sorta flopped but that's okay!

And today, two and half years in, with over 2000 animals helped, I can't help but feel so greatful to the community of Newberg, that has shown up for us every single time we need help, but also feel so greatful to our amazing Creator, who has provided the way for us, even when it seemed impossible.

I was once told that God does not place a desire on our heart if it is not meant for us to achieve. But that doesn't mean getting there will be easy.

I want this to be an ecouragement for all of you out there with God-sized dreams, to go for it. Because I did, and even though it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done, and will be, it has been the most beautiful thing to watch God build and use. ARK gets to be a beacon of light in this dark world, providing refuge for animals and humans alike. Our cat rooms have been a place of healing for those dealing with hard life circumstances. Our staff have been a source of refuge for those in our community, constantly praying over those who need encouragment. Who knew such a small little animal rescue could have such a big impact. If you have been positively impacted by ARK, by either one of our staff members, or the animals you encounter here, please write us. Your pupdates, stories, and encounters are the wind in our sails in the hard days, in the hard moments.

I also ask, that in the face of an unknown future for ARK, you continue to pray for us. Your support, prayers, and smiles are keeping us going. We will not give up, we promise you that. But also knowing this... if not... God is still GOOD.

Many Blessings,

Daria Veenstra

Executive Director

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