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Miracle Mama

It's no secret that I, like many other rescues, are a sucker for the heartbreaking cases. Recently, we were notified of a mama dog that was in Texas, severely malnourished and on the Red List. If she didn't get help she would be euthanized.

While we don't know Miracle Mama Iris' complete story, we can only assume that it one of major abuse. Dogs like her are typically used as breeders to supply puppies to the dog fighting rings in Texas. When the dogs are no longer of use they are discarded like trash.

Mama Iris was brought to the shelter with her two babies, in horrible shape. If she didn't find rescue help, it would have been kinder to euthanize her, then allow her fragile body to get sick in the high capacity shelter and pass away in pain. If a rescue didn't step up for this family, her fate would have been sealed. Thanks to an amazing shelter advocated we were contacted. How could I say no? But I knew we could only take her if we had a foster for her. Finding fosters is so hard for dogs with an unknown history. Amazingly, we found a foster for her and an amazing group drove her to Oregon. Oh! Her puppies came with her too!

Mama Iris has spent the past few weeks in a foster home living it large and being spoiled. It is absolutely amazing how much she loves people and desires to be with them after the abuse she has a faced. Her foster can't stop saying nice things about Iris and we are so excited to say she is ready for ADOPTION!

Her journey with us isn't over yet, but what we do know is that this sweet girl will never face abuse again.

Interested in adopting? Check our her adoption bio below!

Meet Iris! This sweet girl is an absolute gem of a dog! All she wants in her life is to be close to humans of any size. She is good on a leash and loves an easy walk. Iris is course trained and wants nothing more than to cuddle, but also enjoys some fetch or tug o war with anyone willing. though she is not reactive to other dogs on walks, she would prefer a home without other furry pets. Can you blame her? After a life of raising puppies, of course she wants her own space! Her adoption fee is $150 which includes her Spay and making sure she is up to date on all vaccinations and vet care.

Please visit our website to learn next steps in adopting:

Thank you all for your continued support in what we do, this rescue has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and I can't do it without your encouragement and love.


Daria Veenstra

Executive Director

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