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Our Story


ARK Pet Rescue was founded in 2020 when Daria Veenstra was a Junior at George Fox University. Her first job at a pet store re-ignited a passion in her for rescuing animals and she began the process of opening her own rescue. 

What initially started as a guinea pig rescue in her garage, quickly began to grow, and before you knew it, ARK Pet Rescue had its own facility. It was hard work getting the building ready for animals, but with the help of the whole family, and some friends, ARK Pet Rescue opened to the public July of 2021. 

Since their grand opening in 2021, ARK Pet Rescue has had the privilege of helping over 2,000 animals and placing them into homes. 

In the near future, Daria and her amazing team hope to find a permanent home for the animal rescue with enough space to allow ARK to open a pet food bank, spay & neuter clinic, training facility, and more. 

Behind the Scenes 

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