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ARK Pet Rescue is Closing....

When I reflect on the past three years, the 2,200+ animals we have had a part in giving second chances too, my heart can't help but be full of gratitude.

From the very first guinea pig I rescued named Princess being sold at a gas station on a cold December day to the mama pittie laying on a cold floor in an overcrowded shelter, wishing the pain would go away, all of their stories, all have shaped me into the woman I am today.

Mama Iris, a sweet mama involved in a horrible abuse case with her babies.

But it's not just the animals. It's the amazing people in our small Newberg community and beyond, that have changed me. It's our incredible staff who donate so much of their time to the animals. It's all the amazing people who have showed up for us in our darkest moments, who have celebrated with us in the victories, who have brought us flowers after a hard week, hugs when we feel like breaking, who set up lemonade stands on a hot summer day to raise money for sick animals, even if it means raising just a handful of dollars. It's every single one of you, yes you, the one reading this post, that has kept us going. I wish I could give every single one of you guys a hug and say thank you. Hopefully someday I will get the chance.

Staff member Kassie and her two adorable dogs, she is the glue that holds the ARK together. The smiling face that greets everyone.

Many of you know that I am a woman of faith, and I can't help but notice the Lord's fingerprints all over our story. How each part of our story shows a faithful God who has had a plan better than I could ever imagine, even if it is hard for me to understand. There was a point this past month where it felt like closing was the only option. I trult felt that our story ended here, and I was coming to terms with that. I alerted the staff, stopped intakes, and prayed that if this was the Lord's will then I would accept it. Because at this point, it was going to take a miracle to keep our story going.

So with that.... ARK Pet Rescue is closing.....

Sweet Mama nursing her precious babies in the care of ARK Pet Rescue

....because we are MOVING.

Our story doesn't end here, and I couln't be more excited to share this with all of you. More details to come, but renovations start July 1st and we plan on having all the animals moved over by August to continue our lifesaving efforts. Want to know where we will be? Hint: First Street Newberg:)

But do you want to know what's even cooler? We have an anonymous donor who wants to help financially support our move by MATCHING every donation to our moving fundraiser, up to $5,000! How amazing is that? This move will be spendy for us, and we need all the help we can get! Your donation to this fundraiser will be DOUBLED!

With $10,000 we can accomplish everything we need in this move. We cannot wait to share more with you, but for now, rest easy and know that ARK Pet Rescue plans to be around for many years to come, and this move will ensure that.

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