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We might be closing the rescue

This is a hard post to write, one that I didn't see coming so soon. But the truth of the matter is that our little rescue is in trouble, and unfortunately there is not a lot we can do to save it.

A couple months ago we got the news that the owner of the building might pass away soon. To make matters worse, the children of the man are now fighting over the properties and assets, and everything is locked up in legal battles.

Our utilities have started to be shut off due to non payment from the owner.

The biggest issue we are running into is that before this news was shared with us we had been asking our property manager if we could sign a new lease as our old one had expired a year ago. The property manager kept putting it off. Well, now the property manager is no longer in the picture and the fate of our little rescue is hanging in the balance.

As we explore new options for the rescue we realize we are unable to afford todays rental prices. The owner of the building we are in now had such a heart for animals and gave us the deal and the opportunity of a lifetime. And we are struggling to find a new home.

We have explored purchasing a piece of property out in the countryside to give our rescue a permanent home. We have talked to new property managers about giving us a discounted rate on rent for a new space. Everything has failed.

The reality of the situation is we might close by the end of the year. We have a 100+ animals in our care right now that I am scared to know what would happen to them if we closed down.

Please pray for us. Our hearts are hurting as we process what to do. We pray the new owners of the building (when that has been decided) will let us sign a new lease before they sell the building (which is most likely going to happen). We pray that in the event of our closing that our staff would find new jobs quickly, in time for the holidays. We pray that in the event of our closing that we find safe places for all of our animals to go. We love them all so dearly, it will break us to send them away.

Enjoy these adorable photos of these sweet kitties in our care, if you are looking to adopt, they would love to find a place on your couch.

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